Pigmented Concrete trays

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Our TRAYS are available in 3 different sizes (28cm, 24cm and 20cm) and various color schemes. They are multi purpose surfaces you can use as for presentation, coasters, to display your plants, as an organizer and so much more.

ONE of a kind


All SMENT objects are handmade and unique with a one of a kind pattern that cannot be reproduced.

All objects are available in 5 permanent colors. Next to the permanent colors, there are 3 temporary colors that are available for a limited period only.


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Our VASE is available in the same color schemes as our TRAYS. Finished with a matching pigmented rubber base, it is perfect to display your fresh flowers to lighten up any room. 



In collaboration with Phyt, we made a three piece desktop set to use as paper weight, plant and pen holder. Sets are available in selected color schemes on the Phyt webshop.



Our COASTERS are 8cm diameter and available in all 'Mix & Match' color options. You can order them per 3 or 6 pieces. Perfect to add some color to any table or counter.

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A combination of three SMALL TRAYS, each in one of the temporary colors. STACKS are only available in certain colors for a limited period corresponding with the temporary colors. 


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